Thursday, March 25, 2010

State Elected Officials Are Idiots

California could take big hit from healthcare overhaul

"States are in such deep financial straits that not only have we already made [Medicaid] cuts, but we're looking to make even deeper cuts," says Kim Belshe, secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency.

"Now we're being asked to begin planning for the biggest implementation of a social program since Medicaid was created. . . . Medicaid is crumbling. It makes no sense to be building on a house that's falling apart. . .

Proof your State's elected officials and their stupid workers are only looking out for #1. The States are not being "asked" to do anything, the State's are agreeing to this BS then blaming the Federal government. No shit California is going to take a huge hit, it's going to keep on rolling in you idiots. Trying to hold up a pyramid is a futile attempt but it is fun to watch.

Of course Medicaid is crumbling, it was a tax with a so called promise of entitlement, now the pyramid schemes are crumbling because of basic Math. The question why is your State involved in pyramid schemes?

People in California better wake those people up at the Capital soon. You are already screwed, now it's only a matter of how screwed you are.

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