Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gap in health care law's protection for children

Gap in health care law's protection for children
Obama's public statements conveyed the impression that the new protections for kids were sweeping and straightforward.

This is actually a good thing, but since the purpose of the Bill is to kill the health insurance companies they will do what they can to change it. So my previous post was only part right. The intention is for all children to be covered any time they need to be but that is not how it is in the Bill. The question is, how can they close a gap in regulation that is not specified by statute? The agency is responsible for filling in gaps with the intent of the statute, the agency can't make law.

Wait and see on you taking your children off your health insurance plan.

There is no denying the Bill is intended to bankrupt the insurance companies and the States to where there is only one to provide for you and your family.

The only way this is going to change is the States to get out of the pyramid scheme. You can't squeeze blood from a turnip.

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