Friday, March 26, 2010

Health Insurance Mandates Unconstitutional, Says Republican Poe
“The federal government has overreached its authority and Texans, like the majority of Americans, have had enough. Attorney General Abbott has my full support and I will continue to fight to uphold the Constitution for the people of the great state of Texas,” said Poe in a statement released on Thursday.

Attorney General is someone misleading or fails to understand himself. It is true that any mandate to force someone to buy something would be overreaching, the more important question is why is your State being a WILLING participant in Federal programs which are pyramid schemes? Why is your State allowing the Federal government via State law under Federal programs to operate pyramid schemes? Mr. Attorney General you do know where all the funds are going to come from to fund these schemes, right? You think it comes from the 10 by 10 mile square known as the District of Columbia? I think not Mr. Attorney General.

The Attorney General better wake up fast, if he doesn't like the mandates coming down the pike now he is in for a rude awakening. The State can't file bankruptcy Mr. Attorney General, although Texas is in a better position than most States it will be just like California eventually, the Federal government will have to come in to restructure your State how they see fit.

The pensions, the entitlements, and the pyramid schemes are going to go the way of the dinosaur anyway, you probably should consider keeping your State while you have a chance.

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