Thursday, March 25, 2010

Plan to Save (Insert Your State Here)

1.) The State and State Citizens need to wake up and wake up soon.
2.) The State and State Citizens need to realize the the financial system is one big pyramid scheme and has been for 1000s of years. The use of exponential growth model to sustain your existence is not going to work past about 60-80 years.
3.) The State and State Citizens can't save the financial system as described above, it will ultimately collapse and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.
4.) The State and State Citizens have to realize there is no Freedom, we all share a rock with other people so we are never truly Free, but we can maintain or in this case take back that amount of Freedom the Founders fought for.
5.) The State and State Citizens if they want to do the above should start canceling the agreements in place that allows the Federal government to reach into the State.
6.) The solution resides in your State capital .
7.) Why does (insert your State here) continue to supply dollars to DC into the massive pyramid schemes that have been constructed over the last 75 years?
8.) The State and State Citizens can't save the financial system, but you might be able to save yourself and your State.

Unfortunately, the State political class that sits under the State’s Capitol Dome has enacted States law, federally defined as the State Plan, which has empowered the reach of the Federal Government to move within the exterior boundaries of the State. What few Americans comprehend, is the constitutional fact that without the compliant hand of State law, the Federal reach of administrative agencies stops at the State’s exterior Border.

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