Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oil Chart

Oil has definitely crossed the 50,100, and 200MA. 50DMA is now working to cross the 100DMA.

Larry Believes in the Free Market Until He Doesn't Believe In It

See video below.
Let me see I believe in something even when I don't believe in something. Sorry Larry, there is nothing the government is going to be able to do, it's over.

Government intervention, no government intervention, there simply is no out.

“Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity?” Hahahaha, nice slogan, you are so full of shit, you just said it isn't the best path. Larry is running from the Truth, eventually there will no where to run.

Kudlow video

Congress Outlaws People Being Poor

I see Congress is having a hearing on the flash crash. Heard one Congress critter say people are worried about their assets. Just have Congress outlaw the market going down or people being poor. I mean it's worked so well in the drug war.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Germany Uses Another Bazooka

When all else fails, you just keep on pulling out bazookas I guess that misfire. There is no hope, if you hope is based on the system not collapsing. The only hope is a miracle from God on that one, give me the other side of that bet. This bazooka will fail just like the last bazooka.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Power of Compounding Interest

The system is unsustainable, always has been.
One ounce of gold lent out at 3% compounded annually.
Year 1 - 1.03oz
Not bad

Year 20 - 1.81oz
Not bad

Year 50 - 4.38oz
still not bad

Year 100 - 19.22oz
still not bad

Year 200 - 369.36oz
still not bad

Year 500 - 2,621,877.23oz
problem will robinson

Year 750 - 4,245,399,152.55oz
holy shit

Year 1000 - 6,874,240,231,169.63oz

unforunately there is only 4.5b oz. that has been mined

Now imagine billions of stupid humans doing the same thing... basically 60-80 years if you are lucky or unlucky.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The European NothingBurger

The European NothingBurger had close to zero calories, the Euro already trading less then it was on Friday.

Time for plan #20 or whatever number they are on.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Plan #14,15, an 16 ie All In

By Sunday the Europeans not only put together a package, actually it looked like they put together a few packages. Helping equities and yields at the moment big time. Sounds like Europe went all in, if I were Greece I would take the money, reverse all the action last week and give everyone a pay raise.
Eurozone leaders have agreed on a bailout package of nearly $1 trillion (750 billion euro) for Greece, as part of their concentrated efforts to prevent the debt crisis contagion from spreading to other nations.

In a marathon 11-hour-long session that lasted till early morning today, finance ministers from the 16 Eurozone countries, along with International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials, agreed on a three-year aid plan for Greece.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Unless you are a super computer with a backdoor to the exchange there is no way to trade in this market. The future of finance is today. Robots fighting each other in a virtual world.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not Dubai

That was an exciting day. Nothing like the smell of the DOW down 1000pts in about a minute.

‘If you are more adventurous, you might consider the nations of the Persian Gulf, such as Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, or the United Arab Emirates,’ he opined. ‘Flushed with petro-dollars and unburdened by taxes or regulation, the Arab world seems destined to reclaim a more prominent role in the years ahead.’

Peter Schiff appears to be a very confused individual. Let me see he wants me to go invest in real estate on islands that are going to go sink back into the sea. My god. Another great call. And he thinks(thought) this was going to be different there than it is in other way too high priced real estate in the world?

May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Dubai World won’t pay interest on outstanding loans starting this month as the state-owned holding company waits for lenders to agree to the $14.2 billion debt restructuring proposal, two bankers familiar with the plan said.

Yeah, great idea Peter.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Bazooka Shot a Dud

Europe sure did shoot a dud. Let me guess, they have another bazooka in the other pocket. I still want to see it. Europe is decoupling right into the Mediterranean.

Monday, May 3, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond.... Hahaha

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

All Western states, be that New York State or Greece, will be bailed out.

QE to infinity is omnipresent in the West.

I have always gotten a kick out these guys with words of "infinity". I assure the writer of this article that QE to infinity is not going to happen, unless the writer of the article is God or God-like to make that happen. Does the writer even know what "infinity" is? If a government can create credit, or pieces of paper, or even digits in a computer to infinity, well ancient Rome would have never fell.

It's really too bad people get caught up in the 70s and can't get out of the disco. "This ain't no disco" -Sheryl Crow Anyone looking for a repeat of the 70s is in for one rude ass awakening.

The last thing I would would want is shares of a hole in the ground sitting in Africa on the speculation that there might be some gold down there when this TSHTF, but that's just me.

Still Waiting

Here we are still waiting on the bazooka from the EU and IMF, looks like the final hurdle is Germany. See, sometimes there is no solution or more like any solution you want to hear. If this doesn't go through by next Monday it could get pretty ugly, either way it's going to get ugly.
Greece Gets $146 Billion Rescue in EU, IMF Package

The first payment will be made before Greece’s next bond redemption on May 19, said Jean-Claude Juncker after chairing a meeting of euro-region finance ministers in Brussels yesterday. The 16-nation bloc will pay 80 billion euros at a rate of around 5 percent and the International Monetary Fund contributes the rest. Greece agreed to budget measures worth 13 percent of gross domestic product.