Friday, March 26, 2010

Is Civil War The Answer?

Is Civil War The Answer?

Absolutely not.
What the Tea Party movement is doing appears to me to make very little sense which is war. "Divide and conquer" should be the words used not war. The Tea Party is looking for "change" in DC, but where they should be looking for change is in their State Capital. The Tea Party movement is going to fall on deaf ears in DC, sure the Republicans appear to be listening in DC at the moment, wait till they are the majority. You and your State are in this position not from one of the parties but from the lies spread by BOTH parties, and by people lying to you at the State AND Federal level. These are all Federal programs ran under State law.

The answer lies in your State Capital. Where your State legislative branch has passed State Law that allows the Federal government to come into your State. If you don't believe me go look at your State code.

- There is no reason to use violence right now
- There is no reason for your State to leave the United States right now
- There is no reason for war or throwing bricks through windows
- There is no reason to go march to DC

The solution is simple, it rests in your State Capital.


  1. If you're talking about invoking 10th amendment rights, then I'm with you.

    They're figuring it out, don't worry.

  2. No. There is no 10th Amendment issue because the State is allowing the Federal government to reach into the State by agreement.

    Go search your State code.

    This is a State problem. The State has enacted State law that allows the Federal government to come into the State to administrate Federal programs under State Law.

    See prior posts on this subject.
    The State must repeal their Acts that move Federal programs into the State.