Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tyler of ZeroHedge Bans Me

Last night I offered a question over on the ZH board. Why? Well, I start to think about the person or persons, that would post the stuff they do. I mean they just sound like a bunch of crying bitches that lost a game really. They treat people like there is a solution to this or an easy solution, yet no solution comes out.

Tyler what do you do for a living? Just curious.

Why do I have a feeling you haven't worked a hard days work in a very long time.

Now what is funny is I never did any research before posting. I just had a wild guess the people that ran the site were the same type of people they were blaming this all on. So, I post this.

It's a simple question.

He believes he has the solution, I am all ears. Tyler sounds like nagging bitch, my guess... forced out of some desk job probably in Wall street. Seriously doubt, he has had a real job.... just a person or persons seeking yield they can't find.

Tyler = Lemming

"bored housewife and a box of chardonnay"

No, a Lemming that got forced out. Do I think the person or persons posting with that name has ever digged a ditch? Not very likely. The person or persons have been sucking off the world and system just like the people they are bitching about.

Whatever is done or not done, one thing is for sure... I know this Tyler is going to bitch about it. I mean if Tyler has a position on something or how it should be done... he should be stating such.

As for myself, it's very clear what my position is... the Lemmings are screwed and have been screwed since the choices were made... there is no way to undo the choices made. Not much Benny or Obama or Bush or Tyler is going to do about it.

Followed by this.
Oh, I think he is qualified... whatever that might mean.

He's a Lemming, doesn't like the cards he was dealt or how he played them. Now he is blaming everyone but himself I would guess.

I would imagine he was very much like the people he writes about, I mean most of the guest authors that give their real name our people in finance... people that used the same system they are now complaining about because they can't find yield. Lemmings.

Now you have to remember I didn't do a search until after I posted this. I found below the article below about the identity of Tyler or one of the identities. I laughed and posted it on ZH.

See, what the poster out on ZH don't want you to know... is they are same as the people that they criticize on their blog daily. They were part of the industry and probably still are, sucking off the world and sucking off the system. See, the problem with them is they just were not very good at it, they are the losers of Wall Street crowd. How do I know they don't have an easy solution, well because they would have to have unlimited power.

I just find it funny that they ban me with exposing them for what they are... ie Lemmings. For a recap of their mission see here:
to liberate oppressed knowledge.

They don't want you to know they are stupid Lemmings, just very poor Lemmings, they lost and now they want to blame.

Sorry Tyler or Tylers, banning me is not going to stop you from being a stupid Lemming. See Dan was an insider trader it appears, probably never worked his day in his life and I pretty doubt he is right now. Funny stuff.

Now for the record, I did not care that they hide their identity because you can see right through it. The people that post there suck off the system, they have benefited greatly from the fraud system, most probably were kicked out on their butts. These bitches are last ones that should be complaining about anything in the coming Flood.

As far as the world so called economy, you are seeing a spike up and eventually you will see a massive spike down.