Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"They'll Just Inflate Out of this Mess"

"They'll Just Inflate Out of this Mess"

This is the most humorous thing I keep reading on the internet. Now, if someone had magical powers what are the waiting for if they can just inflate the system out of this mess? Why didn't they use this in ancient Rome? Heck, you would have thought Hilter with all his scientist could have figure out how to inflate out of the mess.

There is no inflating out of the mess, as you inflate you are actually getting closer to your ultimate doom. The current global financial credit system has been inflating for 66+ years, now it's not inflating. Now if you believe Helicopter Ben or Benny and the Jets can just endlessly drop money from the sky and produce credit, please have him send me over a pizza and 99 virgins oh and a 6 pack of beer.

Humans have no ability to supply exponential growth, there is no avoiding what is coming down the pike. Benny and the Jets do have enough power to effect the rate of decline, Benny does not have unlimited power to sustain the equation long-term.

If all it takes is putting a few digits in a computer, everyone go home and wait on all the virgins and pizzas to show up at your door and please send me a note as to how this all worked out for you.

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