Monday, April 12, 2010

Ken Thompson is on Youtube as well (archives)

The financial system is toast, there is time for you to reclaim your State government and the Federal government.


  1. Where, in your estimation, is gold headed in the near term? And what about the long term? Finally, do you (or should everyone) own gold? If so, what percentage of your assets do you hold in it and why?

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  3. I try not to give specific advice if so only in big scheme kind of ways. I could see huge spikes and falls in just about every asset class(or supposed asset class since they are all based on a flawed credit system). That is really what we have seen since 2007. All of this is a function of a proper operating financial system.

    With that said, I see nothing wrong with holding 5-10% or even more in physical gold, however if you have a collapsing credit system I don't see anyone getting rich having gold and/or silver, it might be used as survival tool but you ain't going to be getting rich holding it. When the credit system finally collapses it's not going to be any picnic, you can't eat gold.