Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Over, Last One to Realize is the Biggest Loser

The graph shows you above that your system is coming to an end, the system DEMANDS exponential growth but you can't even achieve what is needed with interest rates going to all-time lows.

I saw this discussion on TV, there was interviewer and two people being interviewed. One guy was a small businessman, the other was a banker. The businessman was like I can't get a loan to fund payroll, the interviewer was like all angry and says to the banker why won't you give this guy a loan. The banker looked confused, well my first question would be what kind of business model do you have if you have to have continuous loans to fund your payroll.

The seniors are crying because rates are too low, well the reason they are low is because nobody wants your money. The system is coming to an end.

Everyone is searching for yield but no one can or wants to borrow from you. IT'S OVER JACKASSES.


  1. Seems like some DO want fund payroll!

  2. Yea, it was a blast while it lasted wasn't it?
    I finally understand what you mean by game over.

  3. Look at the chart between 1981-84 or so. What do you suppose was happening in the world at that time? Well, Walmart was telling Americans about its "Buy American" program when in reality they were abandoned for the China effect. Was this done to satisfy the equation? expansion was bigger than ever, only that the gamblers got the dough to ramp up asset prices while the workers got the pink slips.

  4. Anonymous
    The United States decided it was alright to gut itself to make the system continue to expand, the United States truly became the bank of the world.

  5. True but does compound interest increase the GOLD supply ? NO

  6. No but what people want or in many cases NEED can't be supplied. No way the system support 7 billion even if you gave 7 billion 1 oz of gold, someone is going to have to go.