Monday, April 5, 2010

The Big Unraveling

It has never been about "if" it will unravel but the size of the problem humans would create "when" it unraveled. This is the largest wave in the history of man to date, the unraveling will be the largest humans have ever seen.

The attempt is to fight off the inevitable as long as possible.

"That is the sound of inevitability"

In this case, the government has figured out that the equation only works in one direction. The problem is, you would have to have unlimited ability to supply and demand from the equation to keep it going. The private sector is gone, the only player left at the table is the federal government. Of course, the house will allow the government to play at the table by themselves until the house has taken everything the government has to play is gone.

For the system to survive even longer leverage must continue to go up, of course that is just going to make the fall that much more interesting.

See Federal government Z1 report, it's over folks.

It's like have this nice sports car, you ramp up to 5000rpm to get some speed, then you ramp it up to 7000rpm, then when that is not fast enough you ramp it up to 9000rpm, eventually smoke starts coming out of the hood and it doesn't matter how far down you press that gas pedal, it's over.

It's not the fall that kills you, it's the landing.

There is no Perpetual Motion Machines in this financial system, all of you are the machine, and when the machine has hit it's max that's it, it's over. You have no ability to supply and demand at an exponential rate for the long-term, around a generation or 60-80years.


  1. "It has never been about when it will unravel but the size of the problem humans would create when it unraveled and exactly when it would unravel. "

    Say what? First you say its never been about 'when' and they you say it is. Why can't it go on forever with a a shadow system?

    "Then create financial derivatives to siphon off the massive inflation needed to sustain this debt and interest bubble, into a 'shadow economy' of monstrous size that almost no-one is aware of, and even fewer can comprehend. The dollar hyperinflated many years ago, but government manipulation of the markets and the derivatives siphon have concealed it beautifully. A scam too big to be seen."

  2. Sorry misspoke, thanks for pointing it out... I will correct.