Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tyler of ZeroHedge Bans Me

Last night I offered a question over on the ZH board. Why? Well, I start to think about the person or persons, that would post the stuff they do. I mean they just sound like a bunch of crying bitches that lost a game really. They treat people like there is a solution to this or an easy solution, yet no solution comes out.

Tyler what do you do for a living? Just curious.

Why do I have a feeling you haven't worked a hard days work in a very long time.

Now what is funny is I never did any research before posting. I just had a wild guess the people that ran the site were the same type of people they were blaming this all on. So, I post this.

It's a simple question.

He believes he has the solution, I am all ears. Tyler sounds like nagging bitch, my guess... forced out of some desk job probably in Wall street. Seriously doubt, he has had a real job.... just a person or persons seeking yield they can't find.

Tyler = Lemming

"bored housewife and a box of chardonnay"

No, a Lemming that got forced out. Do I think the person or persons posting with that name has ever digged a ditch? Not very likely. The person or persons have been sucking off the world and system just like the people they are bitching about.

Whatever is done or not done, one thing is for sure... I know this Tyler is going to bitch about it. I mean if Tyler has a position on something or how it should be done... he should be stating such.

As for myself, it's very clear what my position is... the Lemmings are screwed and have been screwed since the choices were made... there is no way to undo the choices made. Not much Benny or Obama or Bush or Tyler is going to do about it.

Followed by this.
Oh, I think he is qualified... whatever that might mean.

He's a Lemming, doesn't like the cards he was dealt or how he played them. Now he is blaming everyone but himself I would guess.

I would imagine he was very much like the people he writes about, I mean most of the guest authors that give their real name our people in finance... people that used the same system they are now complaining about because they can't find yield. Lemmings.

Now you have to remember I didn't do a search until after I posted this. I found below the article below about the identity of Tyler or one of the identities. I laughed and posted it on ZH.

See, what the poster out on ZH don't want you to know... is they are same as the people that they criticize on their blog daily. They were part of the industry and probably still are, sucking off the world and sucking off the system. See, the problem with them is they just were not very good at it, they are the losers of Wall Street crowd. How do I know they don't have an easy solution, well because they would have to have unlimited power.

I just find it funny that they ban me with exposing them for what they are... ie Lemmings. For a recap of their mission see here:
to liberate oppressed knowledge.

They don't want you to know they are stupid Lemmings, just very poor Lemmings, they lost and now they want to blame.

Sorry Tyler or Tylers, banning me is not going to stop you from being a stupid Lemming. See Dan was an insider trader it appears, probably never worked his day in his life and I pretty doubt he is right now. Funny stuff.

Now for the record, I did not care that they hide their identity because you can see right through it. The people that post there suck off the system, they have benefited greatly from the fraud system, most probably were kicked out on their butts. These bitches are last ones that should be complaining about anything in the coming Flood.

As far as the world so called economy, you are seeing a spike up and eventually you will see a massive spike down.


  1. Yeah you may be right about that. They do post a lot of good viewpoints. They are slanted way negative. Seems like an axe to grind.

    How often do you post here? Not very often. Seems to me they do a lot more work than you do.

    I do think you see things most others do not. But methinks you bark up wrong tree.....

  2. I don't write for money, I am not in the industry like they are... they are Lemmings... they have been sucking off the world and the system. Which appears to include yourself. I would say I barked up the right tree since they banned me for posting this who was behind the site and why the people there post.

    Sure doesn't sound like it conforms to their mission statement. I have no mission statement.

  3. Not sure of their goal....I work at a liquor store for $10 an hour and haven't bought myself new clothes for years. Lost a bunch of my cash that I had saved in my 401k that I'm liquidating to get out of the Ponzi by shorting the market. Still about even overall after gaining during the monster rally.

    Anyway I followed you as Mako on their site and agreed with most everything you said. I suppose I should read the back and forth you guys had but I am no judge of any of this.....

    Just seems like they report a lot of truth you don't get elsewhere and are looking at the world the same way you do...I know they have a slant and sometimes spin stuff more negative than it may be. Hope you still post here on your views and insights as great. Take care.

  4. I have no problem if that is what they want to do. They can do anything they want really, not much I can do about it.

    The Truth of the matter is they are the same as the people they write about, the only difference is they were not good at it.

    They are running from the Truth just like the rest of the Lemmings.

  5. Man.... its disappointing to hear you got banned. You were, by far, my favorite commenter at ZH.

    I live in Asia and am very interested in your analysis of the decoupling myth. I hope you will start posting more here at your blog.

    Cheers: Marc

  6. Are you surprised to have been booted?

    I wouldn't be, seems like all they want to do these days is talk about how gold is going to $35,000 oz. The only thing of any value is guest posts and putting up a few charts of day to day market action.

    The best commentors who generally made it a place to go in the first place have all packed up or have expressed concern over the steadily devolving state of that site.

    I don't know how busy you are but I would really like to see you start putting some more info on this blog regularly.

  7. I will try and post more often here... been really busy. Basically, the people at ZH are the same people they are complaining about, they just weren't too good at it and got the boot.

  8. Mako, it sucks that you were banned by that hypocrite. I loved your posts. Please blog more or let us know where else you post. Zero hedge has become a mess. It's a goldbug orgy and anybody who think it's not going to $50,000 gets shouted down.

  9. wow I am surprised and wondered why you stopped posting. I agreed with all you8r posts
    and I agree with with the negative slant of zerohedge but they shouldn't ban you.
    I used to go onto nathanseconomic edge
    till he banned me for disagreeing with him.
    I also got banned on the perfect stock alert.
    I do not agree with any bannings on any sire unless your abuse goes over the top
    have t6o have freedom of speech.
    Will you write more here?
    I respect your viewpoints
    I am yabs on zerohedge.
    Do you think this rally will faslter then or are wqe on the way to hyperinflation wioth stocks doing better than cash?

  10. Mako:

    You were one of my three favorite posters at Zero Hedge. But you got banned for being an asshole, not for revealing any great truth. You insulted him. By insult, I mean third grade taunts, as opposed to rational discussion or reason. If you insulted me on my site, my immediate thought would be "fuck this" and my second would be hitting the ban button.

    You may also wish to genuflect on your calling Tyler a whiner, but whining yourself in this post. Once you are done with that, maybe you could genuflect further on your criticizing Tyler for not offering solutions, while acknowledging yourself that there are none.

  11. Yo mako, I was also banned from ZH, used to be Batty Koda. All I did was critisize their position on the whole "popular uprising" thing. The bastards banned me then replied to my post with irrelevant insults accusing me of watching CNN. My opinion of that site has been falling for a while, as you point out they are equally parasitic as the banks and hedgefunds they critisize. Also the whole "free market", "personal responsibility", "financial liberty" thing was getting very tiresome.

    I'm not going to leave them alone though, it's too much fun to prod at them, so I'll be getting myself a shiny new account I think.

  12. ZH is full of right wing ass hats, I have been reading the site since before the reboot but never signed up because whats the point? Nothing is achieved by going round in circles on a message board. The way they are covering the occupy movement reveals their true purpose. It's ok if you make a thousand posts a day criticizing the banksters, but if you try and do anything real then you must be a smelly hippy. The slant of articles has definitely changed over last the year or so, I think they got bought off and now its mostly a cointelpro operation

  13. ZeroHedge try and spin that everything is about greed and incompetence, where as in reality there is a clear agenda unfolding before our eyes. Just watch how they cover Europe, they try and make a story out of every little rumour, it's just embarassing. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!

  14. I just got banned as giggler123 for saying I thought the gold bugs were being played. That was my last post, OMG! Now I know they have adverts for bullion sales but really it was not directed at anyone, no seller, just that I really felt they were and stated reasons why so they banned me.

  15. I was banned as slimething for apparently upsetting the Durdens by in their view insulting or wishing harm on the Syrian Girl. I had no intentions in that regard; I think they took it the wrong way. As I recall, the subject was the Syrian civil war ensuing and I asked 'what does Syrian girl have to say about the current situation? I'd sure hate to see something happen to her pretty face". Something to that effect.

    Apparently one or more of the Durdens took that as a death wish and maybe they have a crush on her.

    Now if I said all Zionists (you know, Ben "shalom" Bernanke and the female Jewish mobs that control the world) should be hung by piano wires and their bodies incinerated, that would be ok. As everyone knows, the Durdens have zero tolerance for racism.

    There is no way to appeal your ban or ask for explanation. Has anyone ever been unbanned?

  16. I was banned for questioning the article.

    I guess in ZeroHedge, you can't question ZeroHedge, lol.
    What a bunch of hypocritical morons

  17. I was banned and I don't know why. Maybe because I said they were all bitter because they couldn't buy 5 city blocks of Berlin real estate with their stupid little gold coins yet.

  18. I “Frozen IcQb” was banned for insinuating that the Argentinean central banks committed “Jewish Lightning” to their achieves and murdering a few firefighters in the process. All but one of my posts was deleted. I tried to put-in a lot of thought in most of my comments even some humours ones. Sad.

  19. i got banned for pointing out that ebola is a hoax... Must have FEARRR!!!!!

    zerohedge is now a tool, make no mistake.

  20. Just got blocked for weaponized ebola comment on Z/H.

  21. Mako.........Ive been banned twice.......Im on my third account now.........Hope you will come back

  22. Do you know if you type in anything with that name Zero Hedge they will spam the results?

    Certain sites seem to do that especially alt news sites. Perhaps that's how they are so much more powerful now a days?

    It just dawned on me that the rise of alt news may not be because people actually trust them but because they spam the search results now so that's all people see if they type something in that triggers it.

  23. The Muslims did this back in the early 2000s. In the 90s you could easily find all sorts of information both positive and negative from well reputable sources including universities and colleges.

    Now it's all been censored to show only *light* information and if you want the full circle you have to go into what's called the *deep web*.

  24. In fact while we were having the Vista/Windows 7 changes a lot of the middle east and Europe were just getting away from Commodores and Apple II now into Windows 98 or various Linux.

    Now a lot of them are into Windows XP now as it's still user friendly and is as safe as your browsing habits as the hackers are no longer interested in crapping the machines out.

    In fact Windows Updates are actually the virus and screw you more as they are designed for touch screen and tablets more then desktops.

    When the Windows 10 deal came on they sent a virus worldwide purposely killing XP which ended three of ours in different computers and one laptop.

    Other people reported their XP crapping out then too and thought it was just them.

    MS is now in court and deep doo doo.