Thursday, June 10, 2010

Credit Collapse Continues

Z1 Report just released.

Not good... -$202B(q2q) for Q1 2010 at $52.126T from $52.902T in Q1 2009. Credit system is collapsing.

To put this in perspective, credit system was generating new credit at a $1.2T (quarterly) in 2007 at the peak, it is now down negative -$202B quarterly. New credit was being generated at around a $4.7T rate, now it is being destroyed at a -$.8T rate.

Party on Garth.


  1. One has to wonder how much longer the lie can be maintained to keep us lemmings on the march. September 19 should be a market mover to the downside in a major way (Legatus meeting and all).

    Mako just out of curiosity, what is your background...tractor driver?

  2. Mako is a sniper waiting for lemmings wandering the country aimlessly. Regardless of what he says about lemmings hack themselves up, he is position for the kill.

  3. "tractor driver?"

    I clean up gum off the sidewalks.